Tau Beta Pi Laureate Award

Iowa Alpha recipients of the Tau Beta Pi Laureate Award

The Tau Beta Pi Laureate Program was formally established by the 1984 National Tau Beta Pi Convention to annually recognize up to five Tau Beta Pi student members who outstandingly exemplify the “spirit of liberal culture in engineering colleges.” Award categories include arts, athletics, diverse achievements, and service.

Since inception of the program in 1984, eight Iowa Alpha members have received the award, more than any other Chapter. Iowa Alpha recipients include:

Lisa (Cramer) Osadciw, 1986 recipient for the arts
Lia Pierson, 1995 recipient for diverse achievements
Heather Schafroth, 1996 recipient for diverse achievements
Sarah (Bauer) Hansen, 2002 recipient for the arts

Ann (Gleason) Gilman, 2011 recipient for athletic achievements

Carl Kirpes, 2012 recipient for diverse achievements

Lisa Garrett, 2014 recipient for diverse achievements

Angadbir S. Sabherwal, 2016 recipient for diverse achievements

Four of the recent recipients are shown below:   iowa-alpha-laureates-2016

 Angadbir S. Sabherwal        Lisa Garrett                    Carl Kirpes           Ann (Gleason) Gilman