Following are the latest Bylaws of the Iowa Alpha Chapter of Tau Bete Pi approved on 3 September 2013 (doc) (pdf)


Bylaws of the Iowa Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi at Iowa State University

                                    Table of Contents

Bylaw I General………………………………………………………………………. 2
Bylaw II Government and Officers………….…………………………… 2
Bylaw III Duties of Officers……………………….…………………………… 3
Bylaw IV Meetings…………………………………………………………………….. 6
Bylaw V Election and/or Removal of Officers…………………. 7
Bylaw VI Committees……………………………………………………………….. 9
Bylaw VII Election of New Members………………………………………. 9
Bylaw VIII Records……………………………………………………………………… 11
Bylaw IX Finances…………………………………………………………………….. 11
Bylaw X Distinguished Member Status………………………………. 12
Bylaw XI Suspension of the Bylaws…………………………..………….. 13
Bylaw XII Amendments……………………………………………………………… 13
Bylaw XIII Dissolution………………………………………………………………. 13
Bylaw XIV Enactment………………………………………………………………… 14

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 Bylaw I   –   General

Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Iowa Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi at Iowa State University
Section 2. These bylaws shall govern the operation of this Chapter in all matters not specifically provided for in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Tau Beta Pi Association, Inc.
Section 3. The Iowa Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi at Iowa State University abides by and supports established Iowa State University policies, State and Federal laws.
Section 4. The rules and regulations of the College of Engineering and Iowa State University shall govern in the event of any conflict.
Section 5. Abbreviated references herein to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association and to various Bylaws of this document shall be made in the form illustrated by the following examples:·       C-VI, 3 – National Constitution Article VI, Section 3.·       B-V, 5.02 – National Bylaw V, Section 5.02.·       IAB-X, 1 – Iowa Alpha Chapter Bylaw X, Section 1.

Bylaw II   –   Government and Officers

Section 1. Membership shall be open to all registered students at Iowa State University who meet the eligibility requirements (as described in IAB-VII, 1-7). The Chapter shall be composed of members chosen from among eligible students and alumni of Iowa State University on the basis of distinguished scholarship or professional attainment and exemplary character, as stated in C-VIII and in the Eligibility Code of the Association. The Iowa Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi at Iowa State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, marital status, disability or status as a U.S. Veteran.
Section 2. The Cabinet shall consist of the following officers: President, Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Engineering Student Council Representative, Cataloger, Project Officers, Communications Director, Initiation Officer, Graduate Initiation Officer, Assistant Initiation Officers, Corporate Liaison, Chapter Survey Officer(s), TBP Scholars’ Program Co-Chairs, and Alumnus Advisors. Other positions may be created on an ad hoc basis as deemed necessary by the Cabinet. The normal term of office shall be one year for student officers and four years for Advisors.
Section 3. The Advisory Board shall be composed of the President, the Vice President, the Corresponding Secretary, and four of the Alumnus Advisors of the Chapter as described in C-VI, 7. The past President (if still an Iowa State student), the Treasurer, and the remaining Advisors shall be ex-officio non-voting members of the Advisory Board. One member of the Advisory Board shall be elected by the Advisors to act as chair of the Advisory Board.
Section 4. The official delegate to the National Convention shall be chosen according to the order given in IAB-II, 2.

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Bylaw III   –   Duties of Officers

Section 1. The duties of the officers shall be those prescribed by the National Constitution and Bylaws of the Association, along with those prescribed in IAB-III, by the President and Vice President, or by Chapter action. The duties of the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Cataloger and Alumnus Advisors as stated in B-V, 5.03. are:(a) It shall be the duty of the President, as the responsible agent and leader of the Chapter, to see that the other officers of the Chapter perform their duties in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association and the Bylaws of the Chapter.(b) The Vice President of the Chapter shall be the chair of the Program Committee and shall have as a special duty the advancement of the technical and professional education of the active members.(c) It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to keep the roll and record books of the Chapter as obtained from the Secretary of the Association; and the minutes of the meetings of the Chapter.(d) It shall be the duty of the Corresponding Secretary of each Chapter to:

(1) Send each year to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association lists of the names and post-office addresses of the officers of the Chapter by the deadline set by the Secretary-Treasurer and to report promptly all changes in this information which may occur during the year. See Bylaw III, Sec. 3.01 (e) (4); and VIII, Sec. 8.01(a), (b).

(2) Send to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association the Report of Eligibility as specified in Bylaw VI, Sec. 6.05(a). See Bylaw VIII, Sec. 8.01(c).

(3) Send to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association the Report of Election and forms entitled Tau Beta Pi Catalog Card as specified in Bylaw VI, Sec. 6.05(b). See Bylaw VIII, Sec. 8.01(d).

(4) Send to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association the Report of Final Action as specified in Bylaws VI, Sec. 6.05(c), and VII, Sec. 7.07. See Bylaw VIII, Sec. 8.01(e).

(5) Send to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association, immediately upon receipt of the proper form or after their election, the credentials for the delegate and alternate to the ensuing Convention. See Bylaw VIII, Sec. 8.01(f).

(6) Furnish to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association a copy of the Chapter’s Bylaws, amended to date, with the documented approval of the Advisory Board within two weeks of their adoption and amendment. See Bylaw VIII, Sec. 8.01(g).

(7) Report to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association a receipt from the IRS for the appropriate 990 form as required. See Bylaw VIII, Sec. 8.01 (h).

(8) Report to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association such items of news and of interest as to honors received, offices to which members of the Chapter have been elected, and the like, and also any cases of discipline which might affect the standing of one or more members on the rolls of the Association.

(9) Carry on such other correspondence of the Chapter as the President may direct.

(10) Report to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association any and all actions taken by the Advisory Board of the Chapter.

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(1) Within two weeks after each initiation, the Chapter, through its Treasurer, shall remit to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association the stated amount of the initiation fee payable to the Association for each new initiate. See Bylaw VII, Sec. 7.04. This remittance shall cover the costs of the badge, certificate of membership, a four-year subscription to THE BENT, a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws and other approved literature of the Association. It shall also include a sum for the necessary expenses of the Association. The initiation fee shall be determined by the Convention, on recommendation of the Executive Council. Within two weeks after each initiation, the Chapter shall also remit to the Secretary-Treasurer the stated amount of the Convention assessment payable to the Association for each new initiate. See B-I, Sec. 1.05.

(2) Except when the rules of the institution require that the Treasurer of a Chapter keep its financial accounts in a specified way and form, the official bookkeeping system of the Association on standard forms furnished by the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association shall be used and followed.

(3) For any candidate not initiated, the Chapter shall be refunded or credited, as it may elect, the full amount of the remittance, excepting the actual cost of the certificate if it shall have been engrossed and of the badge if it shall have been engraved.

(f) The Cataloger of each Chapter shall keep an up-to-date catalog of its active and alumnus members, giving the full name, the home address, and the college address of each member and the names of the officers of the Chapter, including the Advisory Board.

(g) It shall be the duty of every member to assure that each elective officer of the Chapter conscientiously performs the duties of the office for the benefit of the entire Chapter, particularly in matters pertaining to finance and the relations of the Chapter with the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association, and to take appropriate action when an elected officer fails to perform the duties of the office. See Bylaw V, Sec. 5.01 (d).

(h) The primary duty of the alumnus advisors is to provide for continuity of Chapter operations. The alumnus advisors shall see that the Chapter:

(1) Selects candidates who meet the eligibility requirements of Constitution Article VIII, the bylaws of the Chapter, and the academic regulations of the host institution.

(2) Balances its financial accounts and pays all bills by the end of the academic year.

(3) Effects an orderly transition of Chapter officers in accordance with Bylaw V, Sec. 5.01.

Section 2. The additional duties of the President shall be as follows:

  • Updating the list of active chapter committees and assigning all cabinet members to at least one committee at the beginning of each semester. (See Bylaw VI).
  • Providing each officer and committee chair with a written list of all specific duties for which each is responsible. A copy of each list shall be placed in the President’s Book.
  • Visiting the Dean of Engineering in the Fall semester to discuss ways in which the Chapter may be of service to the College of Engineering. The substance of such discussions shall be reported to the Chapter at the next business meeting.
  • Scheduling general and regular cabinet meetings and presenting a formal agenda.
  • Registering the Chapter as an official student organization with the University at the beginning of each academic year.

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Section 3. The additional duties of the Vice-President shall be as follows:

  • Assisting the President with all duties outlined in IAB-III, 2.
  • Coordinating travel plans for the National Convention and the District Meeting.
  • Organizing an Engineering Futures Session every semester.
  • Administering the Tau Beta Pi Scholarships for Iowa Alpha.
Section 4. The additional duties of the Corresponding Secretary shall be as follows:

  • Seeing that all National deadlines are met and handling any additional contact with National Headquarters as it arises.
  • Presenting any correspondence requiring action at the first cabinet meeting after receipt.
Section 5. The additional duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows:

  • Receiving, collecting, disbursing, and depositing all funds of the Chapter under direction of the Chapter or as prescribed further in IAB-IX.
  • Transferring to his or her successor in office, all Chapter money, books, and property in his or her possession.
  • Preparing an annual Chapter budget and updating it each semester.
Section 6. The additional duties of the Recording Secretary shall be as follows:

  • Organizing and maintaining historical Chapter records.
Section 7. The duties of the Engineering Student Council Representative shall be as follows:

  • Attending all meetings of the Engineering Student Council, reporting to the Chapter on Council actions and activities, and making the views and opinions of the membership known to the Council.
  • Assisting the President and Vice-President in providing direction for the Chapter.
Section 8.  The additional duties of the Cataloger shall be as follows:

  • Making available to each officer a current list of the names and email addresses of all active members, Distinguished members, and Cabinet members.
  • Providing the Registrar’s Office with the list of new members each semester for recognition of Tau Beta Pi membership on their transcripts.
Section 9. The duties of the Project Officers shall be as follows:

  • Developing and organizing projects, and recruiting participants from the membership.
  • Coordinating initiate projects with the Initiate Project Officer.
Section 10. The duties of the Communications Director shall be as follows:

  • Publicizing all Chapter meetings and events.
  • Emailing weekly E-Bent.
  • Maintain Chapter website.

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Section 11. The duties of the Initiation Officer shall be as follows:

  • Coordinating all activities relating to initiation, including obtaining lists of eligible students and organizing initiate meetings.
  • Providing each eligible candidate seeking membership with copies of The Constitution and Bylaws and Eligibility Code of the Tau Beta Pi Association, these Bylaws, and any other relevant materials.
  • Working with the Project Officers in organizing projects for the initiates.
  • Organizing the initiation banquet.
Section 12. The duties of the Chapter Survey Officer shall be as follows:

  • Organizing and publishing the annual Chapter Survey before the completion of the officer’s term.
  • For each Chapter activity, obtaining a project report from the person who organized the activity.
Section 13 The duties of the Scholars’ Program Co-Chairs shall be as follows:

  • Serve as liaisons between the TBP Scholars’ Program and the Iowa Alpha chapter.
  • Organize and implement the fall semester activities for the TBP Scholars’ Program.
  • Coordinate and assist the Scholars in organizing and implement the spring semester activities for the program.
Section 14. The additional duties of the Alumnus Advisors shall be as follows:

  • Providing continuity in all areas of Chapter activity, including participation on committees.
  • Ensuring that the chapter is operating in conformity with the standards set forth by Iowa State University and Student Activities Center

Bylaw IV   –   Meetings

Section 1. A general meeting for the election of officers shall be held as specified in IAB-V, 1.
Section 2. A general meeting for the election of initiates shall be held each semester. Additional general meetings shall be scheduled as appropriate.
Section 3. There shall be a minimum of three general meetings held each semester.
Section 4. The first general meeting of each semester shall be held within three weeks after the start of the semester. The first Cabinet meeting of each semester shall be held before the first general meeting.
Section 5. An Executive Committee meeting will be held at the beginning of each semester to set the Chapter goals and agenda for that semester.
Section 6. A complete calendar of the regular functions of the Chapter for the semester shall be presented to the members at or before the first general meeting of the semester.
Section 7. Special meetings may be called at any time by the President, by any member of the Advisory Board, or by a written request to the President that has been signed by twenty percent of the active members of the Chapter.

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Section 8. A notice shall be sent to the active members and the Advisors announcing the time, place, and purpose of each meeting.
Section 9. Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary guide of the Chapter on all points not provided for in these Bylaws or in the Constitution and Bylaws of the National Association.
Section 10. General meetings, other than the meeting for the election of officers, shall last no longer than two hours, unless extended by an affirmative vote of three-fourths of the active members present. An on-line attendance recording system or sign-in sheet shall be used at the meeting to record attendance of active members and the Advisors.
Section 11. A transition meeting for present and newly-elected officers shall be held within two weeks after the meeting for the election of officers.
Section 12. A quorum shall be as defined as in B-V, 5.07.

Bylaw V   –   Election and/or Removal of Officers

Section 1. Student officers will be elected in the spring for the following summer and academic year. If any officer must leave his/her office after the fall semester, another student will be elected to fill the vacancy for the spring semester. All officers are eligible for re-election to their previously held position or to any other position. Individuals who will be initiated before the end of the semester are eligible for election. The new officers shall take office at the end of the semester.
Section 2. The spring election of student officers and Advisors shall be at the first general meeting following the academic spring break. The election must be held within two weeks following the spring break. The fall election of student officers and Advisors shall be at the last general meeting prior to the academic fall break. The election must be held within two weeks prior to the break.
Section 3. The Chapter shall have a minimum of four alumnus advisors who shall serve on the Advisory Board of the of the Chapter. Advisors serving on the Advisory Board shall be elected for four year terms, one advisor each year, except when it is necessary to elect a new advisor to complete the term of a vacant position. Other advisors are elected for four year terms and all advisors may be reelected for additional four year terms.
Section 4. Nominations for officers shall be as follows:The Executive Committee shall solicit names from the active membership and identify one or more interested nominees for each office being vacated and candidates for the Advisory Board as needed.  At least one week before the election meeting, the Executive Committee shall send each member a list of the nominees and notification of the officer election meeting.  At the election meeting, additional nominations for each office may be made preceding the vote for the office.
Section 5. The officers and advisors shall be elected by hand vote. A secret ballot shall be held if requested by twenty percent of the active members present.
Section 6. All officers shall be elected by a majority of the active members present. If no nominee receives a majority of the first vote, a second vote shall be held between the two leading candidates.
Section 7. If any office becomes vacant during the semester, a special election shall be held at the next general meeting to fill the office for the remainder of the term. Duties of any vacant office shall be temporarily assumed or delegated by the highest ranking officer, in the order given in IAB-II, 2.

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Section 8. The officers of this organization must meet the following requirements:(a)   Have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) as stated below and meet that minimum GPA in the semester immediately prior to the election/appointment, the semester of election/appointment and semesters during the term of office. For undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, the minimum GPA is 2.00. In order for this provision to be met, at least six hours (half-time credits) must have been taken for the semester under consideration.(b)    Be in good standing with the university and enrolled: at least half time (six or more credit hours) if an undergraduate student (unless fewer credits are required to graduate in the spring and fall semesters) during the term of office, and at least half time (four or more credits) if a graduate level student (unless fewer credits are required in the final stages of their degree as defined by the Continuous Registration Requirement) during their term of office.(c)    Be ineligible to hold an office should the student fail to maintain the requirements as prescribed in (a) and (b)
Section 9. Elected officers and advisors may be removed from office for actions deemed inappropriate by the membership. Removal from office shall follow the procedure specified in B-V, 5.01 (d) which states: An elected officer of the Chapter may be removed for cause. Sufficient cause for removal may include, but is not limited to: having continued unexcused absences from the meetings of the Chapter; not attending to assigned or elected duties of the Chapter; inexcusably failing to meet financial obligations to the Chapter; violating the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association or the Bylaws of the Chapter; violating a rule, practice, or procedure adopted by the Chapter; or displaying conduct deemed contrary to the interests of the Chapter.(1) Any member(s) who wish(es) to remove an alleged offending officer shall notify a Chapter Advisor, who shall convene a meeting of the Advisory Board to consider the charge(s). Any charged officer who is a member of the Advisory Board shall be excluded from the meeting.(2) If the Advisory Board decides that a charge has merit which warrants removal from office, the charged officer will be suspended from all duties as an officer. The Advisory Board shall provide the officer in question with the opportunity to defend the charge(s) in a formal hearing at which counsel may represent the charged officer.(3) The Advisory Board shall adopt rules and format to ensure due process, compose a statement of charge(s), notify the charged officer that a suspension has occurred, and establish a time and place for the hearing where the charge(s) will be considered. At least 21 days in advance of the hearing date, the Chapter must notify the Secretary-Treasurer and confirm that the charged officer has received these items or send them by registered mail to the last recorded address of the charged officer.(4) After the hearing has been conducted and considered, the Advisory Board shall, by majority vote, recommend whether or not to remove the charged officer. The Advisory Board shall call a meeting of the active membership at which it will present its recommendation.

(5) The Chapter may remove the charged officer by a two-thirds vote from at least one-half of the active members of the Chapter. Unless a majority votes to remove the charged officer, he or she shall be reinstated to office immediately.

(6) A removed officer may appeal the decision to the Executive Council.

(7) If a charged officer resigns from office at any time during this process, the removal process shall cease immediately.

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Bylaw VI   –   Committees

Section 1. Subject to the provisions of B-V, 5.02, the President shall appoint chairpersons and Cabinet members to the following committees:Executive, Initiation, Projects, Chapter Improvement, Communications, and other such committees as the Chapter shall desire and establish. Appointments shall be made within the first three weeks of each semester.
Section 2. When appointments are made, the President shall provide each committee with a list of its specific duties and responsibilities.
Section 3. Each committee chairperson shall be prepared to report on the progress of the committee’s activities at each business meeting.
Section 4. General members may participate in committees of their choosing.

Bylaw VII   –   Election of New Members

Section 1. Eligible candidates shall be selected and notified as soon as practical each fall and spring semester. All provisions of C-VIII and B-VI shall be strictly followed for Undergraduate Members, Graduate Student Members and Alumnus Members.
Section 2. For undergraduate students, the Iowa State University classification of an engineering student as a Junior or Senior shall be used to determine eligibility for Tau Beta Pi membership together with the following additional requirement:(i)     students shall be in their third or later semester of enrollment at Iowa State University and have completed 35 or more credit hours of ISU coursework.
Section 3. Scholastically eligible undergraduate students in Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Construction Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Software Engineering shall be considered as eligible candidates for membership in the Chapter.
Section 4. The minimum credit hours for eligibility in Tau Beta Pi shall be reviewed, and modified if necessary, every 2 years.
Section 5. For graduate students, membership is open to on-campus and distance education students enrolled in a qualified engineering major (paragraph 2, below). The Iowa State University classification of a student as an engineering graduate student shall be used to determine eligibility for Tau Beta Pi membership together with the following additional requirements:(i) students shall be in their second or later semester of enrollment at Iowa State University(ii) students shall have completed a minimum of 11 credit hours of Iowa State University administered core or elective engineering courses towards their degree requirement.Scholastically eligible graduate students as defined by C-VIII, 3 in Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Industrial Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Systems Engineering shall be considered as eligible candidates for membership in the Chapter.

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The major professors of the scholastically eligible graduate students shall be notified of their students’ interest in membership and shall be asked to submit a letter of nomination as proof that the student meets the requirements of C-VIII, 3 and the additional requirements specified in paragraph 1 above.   The letters of recommendation must be provided at least two weeks prior to the graduate student initiate election meeting.

Section 6. Letters and/or email messages shall be sent to eligible undergraduate and graduate candidates providing information about the Chapter and the National Association and inviting them to attend an informational meeting. At this meeting, the candidates shall be introduced to the purposes and activities of Tau Beta Pi and meet the active members.
Section 7. After eligible undergraduate and graduate candidates have indicated interest in membership, their character shall be evaluated through their participation in the following activities. Eligible candidates shall take an exam on the history, Constitution, and objectives of Tau Beta Pi. Eligible candidates shall satisfactorily complete the Initiation prerequisites. These prerequisites shall be determined by the Cabinet each semester and be clearly described to the candidates. To receive consideration for membership, each candidate is expected to:- participate in a Chapter project, or perform equivalent community service;- participate in an initiate small group project and be evaluated by their small group leaders, those unable to participate personally may participate thorough electronic means;- attend a minimum of one general meeting of the Chapter, at which time final small group presentations occur, those unable to attend personally may participate thorough electronic means;- attend an Engineering Futures session, or perform compensatory community service;

– polish a flat casting bonze bent;

– contribute to the development of the Chapter through participation in a committee meeting of the Chapter, excluding the Initiation and Executive Committees, and those proscribed by a majority vote of the Advisory Board, those unable to participate personally may contribute thorough electronic means.

Candidates are required to participate in the initiation ceremony to become Tau Beta Pi members. Candidates unable to attend the Iowa Alpha initiation ceremony may have their initiation postponed – B-VII, 7.08; be initiated into Iowa Alpha by another chapter; or be initiated through a remote initiation.

Projects that involve physical violence, hazing as defined by University policy, offense to dignity or decency, and/or public exercises that make the candidate ridiculous in any way are strictly prohibited.

Section 8. To identify worthy Alumnus and Eminent Engineer candidates, the Chapter shall periodically consult with the chairs of the various engineering departments for the names of alumni, faculty members, and others who may be eligible for membership under the provisions of C-VIII, 3-10. Preference in selection of these candidates will be given to faculty members in leadership positions within the College of Engineering and alumni of the college who have made outstanding achievements and contributions in their professional careers.
Section 9. Election Meeting Procedures:The Eligibility Code shall be read before the election of candidates. The names of eligible candidates will be submitted to the Chapter membership in groups by the Initiation Committee along with the committee’s recommendation for each candidate in the group. The size of the groups shall be determined by the Initiation Committee. If any active member has a concern about any of the candidates in a group, that candidate’s name shall be removed from the group and considered separately. The Chapter shall vote on the remainder of the group. Each candidate removed from a group and those who did not receive a favorable recommendation from the Initiation Committee shall be considered separately after all groups have been voted on. Each name shall be presented for discussion and voted on before the next name is considered.   After all names have been considered and voted on, there shall be a second individual ballot for each candidate who failed election on the first ballot.

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Any candidate who fails election on the second ballot shall not be considered further unless twenty-five percent of the members present so request. Any candidate who fails election on the third ballot shall not be considered again in this election. He or she may be considered again at the next election, if then eligible.

Section 10. All candidates will be notified by letter and/or email of their status following the election meeting. Candidates who have been accepted with any special conditions will be contacted individually and have these conditions explained to them.
Section 11. All members shall keep the election results confidential so that no candidate shall learn of his or her election except by means of the official letter and/or email. Furthermore, no candidate shall be informed of the details of the vote, particularly concerning personal matters discussed.
Section 12. The chapter may elect candidates contingent on the completion of additional tasks to compensate for deficiencies, subject to the provisions of B-VII, 7.02.


Bylaw VIII   –   Records

Section 1. Records shall be kept up to date and in good order, complying with B-V, 5.03. Copies of all reports submitted to the National Headquarters shall be kept by the Chapter. The complete records shall be available to the new officers when they assume office.
Section 2. All records shall be open for inspection to any active members of the Chapter, members of the Advisory Board, and National Officers of Tau Beta Pi.

Bylaw IX   –   Finances

Section 1. Chapter finances shall be handled as stated in B-V, 5.04. Contributions, grants, and other funds may be used to supplement these finances, through accounts with Iowa State University Campus Organizations, the ISU Foundation and the Tau Beta Pi National Headquarters. However, all disbursements will be made through the Campus Organization account listed in Section 4 below.
Section 2. This Chapter shall abide by the bookkeeping system and the rules and regulations required of all student organizations on this campus.
Section 3. The initiation fee for all student initiates shall be eighty dollars. The fee for eminent engineers shall be thirty-nine dollars.
Section 4. There shall be one Campus Organization account:This account, #3415, shall be used for:- initiation banquets, assessment from Headquarters, and general Chapter expenses. The primary source of funds for these purposes shall be initiation fees.- the travel of Chapter members to conventions and regular project activities. The primary source of funds for these purposes shall be endowment income, alumni and corporate donations and Chapter fundraisers.- .other income and expenses of the Chapter.

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Section 5. There shall be a minimum balance of fifty dollars kept in the account.
Section 6. All monies belonging to this organization shall be deposited and disbursed through the bank account established for this organization by the Campus Organizations Accounting Office and/or approved institution/office (must receive authorization via Campus Organizations Accounting Office). All funds must be deposited within 48 hours after collection. The Advisor to this organization must approve and sign each expenditure before payment.
Section 7. Shortly after the Spring semester election of officers, a committee composed of incoming and outgoing officers shall prepare an operating budget for the coming year. This budget shall be presented to the Chapter at the first regular meeting in the Fall semester.
Section 8. The Chapter’s books shall be audited by the University auditing service annually.

Bylaw X   –   Distinguished Member Status

Section 1. Tau Beta Pi is not simply an honor society. Service and participation are fundamental parts of Chapter activities. Distinguished member status is a recognition of members who have continued to support the Chapter after initiation through participation in chapter activities.
Section 2. In order to attain distinguished member status, members must meet the following two criteria:Fulfill one of the following requirements each semester:

  • Initiate election meeting
  • Engineering Futures
  • Cabinet Election Meeting
  • Chapter Service Project
  • Be a member of Cabinet

Accumulate a minimum of six points every semester according to the following system:

  • Participation in a chapter service project (3 points each, more can be awarded at discretion of the Project Officer with the approval of Cabinet for extraordinary performance)
  • Participation as a small group leader or assistant leader (1 per meeting. In addition, 1 extra point will be awarded to small group leaders only upon attendance at all small group meetings.)
  • Attendance at a general or committee meeting or social event (1 point each)
  • Attendance at an Engineering Futures session (2 points each)
  • Participation in another activity that benefits the Chapter. In this case, the Cabinet will assign an appropriate number of points.
Section 3. Distinguished member status will be reviewed throughout the semester by the Cataloger; updates will be filed at the end of each semester to be approved by Cabinet. Students absent from campus for an extended period of time to pursue career or educational related interests will not have those semesters count against their total number of semesters they are a member for the requirement outlined in Section 4 of this Bylaw.

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Section 4. Distinguished members shall have the following benefits:Each semester, distinguished members shall be publicly recognized by the Chapter. Additional benefits may be determined and administered by the Cabinet for being a distinguished member for one half (50%) of the semesters after being initiated at graduation.

Bylaw XI   –   Suspension of the Bylaws

Section 1. These Bylaws may be suspended by written consent of a majority of the Advisory Board, as stated in C-VI, 5.

Bylaw XII   –   Amendments

Section 1. Amendments to the Bylaws may be proposed by any active member(s) of the Chapter. A proposed amendment shall be submitted in writing to the President and signed by the member(s) proposing it. The President shall place the proposed amendment on the agenda of the next Cabinet meeting.
Section 2.  Section 3. Upon Cabinet approval, these Bylaws may be amended by a three-fourths affirmative vote of the active membership of the Chapter, subject to the approval of the Advisory board, as provided in C-VI, 7(b).Amended or ratified Bylaws will be submitted within 10 days to the Student Activities Center for approval.
Section 4. The Corresponding Secretary shall send a copy of the Bylaws as amended to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Association within two weeks after an amendment is adopted.

Bylaw XIII   –   Dissolution

Section 1. In the event of dissolution of the Chapter, the residual assets shall be distributed to the Tau Beta Pi Association, Inc., a corporation organized and operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes and exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code of 1954. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be distributed to a Federal, State, or Local government for public purposes.

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Bylaw XIV   –   Enactment

Section 1. These Bylaws were adopted by vote of this Chapter and its Advisory Board, became effective on January 1, 1997, and were last amended on 3 September 2013.

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