TBP McDonald Mentoring Award

The Tau Beta Pi-McDonald Mentoring Award to be given annually to a Tau Beta Pi educator or engineer who has consistently supported the personal and professional development of their students and colleagues as an excellent mentor or advisor. Selection is based upon recipients having served as engineering educators or as professionals in industry, government, or service organizations, and having contributed diversely to the engineering community, serving as effective advocates and guides in both professional and administrative matters. They are also to have shown true concern for individuals, supporting an environment for developing talents, and to have earned respect and recognition for their contributions to their field and to the greater community. The prize includes a medallion, $1,000 honorarium, and $1,000 in the name of the winner to either the nominating or the winner’s chapter.  Iowa Alpha has had two recipients of the award:

Dr. Derrick Rollins, (IA A 1979), 2012 recipient of the Tau Beta Pi McDonald Mentoring Award

Rollins Pict

Dr. James C. Hill (CA G 1962), 2018 recipient of the Tau Beta Pi McDonald Mentoring Award