The duties of the Cataloger are those prescribed in the National Constitution and Bylaws of the Association (B-V, 5.03), along with those prescribed in the Bylaws of the Iowa Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi (IAB-III)

B-V, 5.03. (f) – The Cataloger of each Chapter shall keep an up-to-date catalog of its active and alumnus members, giving the full name, the home address, and the college address of each member and the names of the officers of the Chapter, including the Advisory Board.

IAB-III (Sec. 8) – The additional duties of the Cataloger shall be as follows:

  • Making available to each officer a current list of the names and email addresses of all active members, Distinguished members, and Cabinet members.
  • Providing the Registrar’s Office with the list of new members each semester for recognition of Tau Beta Pi membership on their transcripts.