Elected Officers

Below is the list of Iowa Alpha Officers for the 2017 Fall Semester.
The duties of each office are described in the section on Position Information.
Officer Office Email
Eric Westfall President ericwest
Branden Moreau Vice-President morebr01
Sarah Floy Corresponding Secretary sifloy
Kevin Korniejczuk Treasurer kevink
Ashley Swift Cataloger akswift
Tyler Gathman Project Officer tgathman
Michael Otten Project Officer motten8
Tyler Shelby Project Officer trshelby
Megan Wellner Project Officer mwellner
James Bamber Communications Director jwbamber
Kathleen Wilcox Initiation Officer kmwilcox
Kenneth Prell Assistant Initiation Officer knprell
Ryan Werner Assistant Initiation Officer rmwerner
Daniel Rolfes Graduate Initiation Officer djrolfes
Willine Richardson Corporate Liaison williner
Vasillaq Zharkalli Chapter Survey Officer vzhark
Mahmoud Gshash Recording Secretary mmgshash
Joseph Schiller ESC Representative jschill
Scott Eyer Student Outreach Officer sceyer
Nicholas Starr Scholars’ Program Co-Chair nstarr44
Ian Veatch Scholars’ Program Co-Chair iveatch