Corresponding Secretary

The duties of the Corresponding Secretary are those prescribed in the National Constitution and Bylaws of the Association along with those prescribed in the Bylaws of the Iowa Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi

The Corresponding Secretary shall ensure all required reports are completed and submitted to Headquarters by the stated deadlines. These include:

    1. Report of Officer election
    2. Report of Eligibility
    3. Report of Election and insure completion of the Tau Beta Pi Online Catalog Card
    4. Report of Final Action
    5. The credentials for the delegate and alternate to the ensuing Convention
    6. A copy of the chapter’s Bylaws, amended to date, with approval of the Advisory Board within two weeks of their adoption and amendment.

The additional duties of the Corresponding Secretary shall be as follows:

  • Seeing that all National deadlines are met and handling any additional contact with National Headquarters as it arises.
  • Presenting any correspondence requiring action at the first cabinet meeting after receipt.