TBP Distinguished Alumnus

The Tau Beta Pi Distinguished Alumnus Award Program was inaugurated in 1997 to recognize alumni who have continued to live up to the ideals of Tau Beta Pi as stated in the Eligibility Code and to foster a spirit of liberal culture throughout their lives after their college years. The program marks in a fitting manner exemplary performance by alumni. Each winner receives a recognition plaque and is invited to the Convention and a $2,000 scholarship named in his or her honor is given to a student.  Iowa Alpha has had seven recipients of the award: Dr. Lyle D. Feisel, P.E. (IA A 1961), a 2002 recipient; Richard H. Stanley, P.E. (IA A 1955), a 2009 recipient; Charles Sukup, P.E. (IA A 1976), a 2017 recipient; Dr. James E. Halligan, P.E., (IA A 1962) a 2018 recipient; Gary D. Hoover, (IA A 1961), a 2018 recipient; Dr. David L. Ford Jr., (IA A 1967), a 2019 recipient; and Dr. Martin C. Jischke, (IA A 1963), a 2021 recipient.

Feisel pic    

                                                 Dr. Lyle D. Feisel                                             Richard H. Stanley


                                                       Charles Sukup                                      Dr. James E. Halligan


                                                            Gary D. Hoover                                   Dr. David L. Ford Jr.

  Dr. Martin C. Jischke