Committee Meeting – Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 @ 6:00 pm

Proctor & Gamble (P&G) Representatives were at our meeting. Leslie Harder and colleagues at P&G gave a great presentation on how working at P&G looks like and what P&G recruiters are looking for. They have positions available for both internships and full-time positions

Coming up this week, letter stuffing party Sunday from 1 to 3 PM

Committee Meeting – Monday, April 17th, 2017 @ 8:00pm

  • Senior Graduate Students Recognition:

Graduating Students were recognized and shared their future plans with each other

Committee Meeting – Monday, April 3th, 2017 @ 8:00pm

  • Presentation by Professor Tomas Gonzalez-Torres:

Professor Gonzalez-Torres is a new faculty member in the Iowa State University’s Aerospace Engineering Program. He graduated from Iowa state in 1998 and he came back as a faculty member after a long successful journey in the industry. Professor Gonzalez-Torres was the Extravehicular Activities (EVA) System Group from 2008-2011. He shared all his experience with us.

  • Officers Elections for the Fall 2017 semester. The new officers are:
    • President: Eric Westfall.
    • Vice President: Branden Moreau.
    • Treasurer: Kevin Kor.
    • Corresponding Secretary: Sarah Floy.
    • Project Officers: Megan Wellneir, Tyler Gatman, and Michel Otten.
    • Communication Director: James Bamber.
    • Chapter Survey Officer: Billy Zharkalli.
    • ESC Representative: Joseph Schiller .
    • Alpha Chapter Scholars Co-Chair: Ian Veatch, and Nick Starr.
    • Assistant Initiation Officer: Kenneth Prell.

Committee Meeting – Monday, March 20th 2017 @ 8:00pm

  • Presentation by Professor Surya Mallapragada:

Dr. Mallapragada presented her ongoing research which focuses on Smart Polymers that can carry vaccines and deliver them to certain cells. This new type of vaccine delivery can be used to treat Cancer cells in specific places.


Committee Meeting – Monday, March 13th 2017 @ 8:00pm

  • Small Group leader sign up
  • Initiates Small Groups sign ups on BlackBoard next week

Committee Meeting – Monday, March 2nd 2017 @ 8:00pm

  • President held voting on the proposed amendments to the National Constitution.

Committee Meeting – Monday, November 15, 2016 @ 8:00pm

  • Stoles distributed after break
  • Building the Future tomorrow, check-in at Sukup 1218
  • Speaker: Merry Rankin, ISU Director of Sustainability
    • Discussed role of sustainability on campus
    • Described different initiatives and projects undertaken
    • Feel free to contact with questions or visit

Committee Meeting – Monday, October 31st, 2016 @ 8:00pm

  • Summarized committees and goals
  • Officer Updates
    • If you would like to participate in the K-12 Outreach next semester, fill out the Doodle poll that Catherine will be sending out
    • Building the Future
      • several volunteers needed, food-safe certified needed for lunch
  • Officer elections and banquet food poll next week
  • Split into committees

Committee Meeting – Monday, October 10th, 2016 @ 8:10pm

  • There will be a convention recap in the eBent
    • Earned two awards for the chapter at the convention
      • The Chapter Excellence Award
      • The Chapter Project Award
  • The district conference in the spring will be in Duluth, MN
    • Younger members & officers are welcome and encouraged to attend!
  • Engineering Futures is this Saturday, October 15
    • Please attend if you are an initiate
    • Members are welcome to fill any remaining spots at the event
  • Bent Polishing is this Sunday, October 16
    • One of two opportunities to polish bents for initiates
    • Still need volunteers to sign-up to help

Broke out into committees

Committee Meeting – Monday, September 26th 2016 @ 8:10pm

  • Officer Reports
    • speaker next week at the general meeting talking about student entrepreneurship
    • 94 initiates this semester – volunteer through the link sent out in the eBent
    • national convention is coming up
  • Small Groups
    • Company Visits/Tours
    • K-12 Outreach
    • Social Event – Fall
    • Social Event – Spring
    • Student Outreach
    • Tutoring/Mentoring Program
  • Committee Breakout
    •  Committees met and worked on accomplishing the semester goals they set.


Committee Meeting – Monday, September 12th 2016 @ 8:10pm

  • Officer Reports
    • Pi Mile Run on Saturday – Sign up to run and encourage your friends to do so as well!
    • Business casual attire at meet & greet next Monday
    • Look for opportunities to help out with the initiation process starting next week
  • Events this Week
    • Final Pi Mile Run Meeting – Wednesday
    • Projects Meeting – Friday
    • Pi Mile Run – Saturday
    • E-week Golf Tournament – Sunday
    • Meet & Greet – Monday
  • Broke up into committees to discuss plans for the semester
  • Remeber to keep your food safety certification up to date as most expire Sept. 30th

Committee Meeting – Tuesday, April 19th 2016 @ 7pm

  • Recognized graduating seniors

Committee Meeting – Tuesday, April 5th 2016 @ 7pm

  • Officer Elections for the following positions:
    • Correspondence Secretary
    • Project Officer
    • Assistant Initiation Officer
    • Recording Secretary
    • Corporate Liaison
    • Scholars’ Program Co-Chair
  • Initiation Banquet Meal Selection

Committee Meeting – Tuesday, March 2nd 2016 @ 7pm

  • Broke up into committees for project work

Committee Meeting – Tuesday, March 1st 2016 @ 7pm

  • Engineering futures sessions on Saturday, March 5th at 9am and 12:30pm (2 separate sessions). Initiates should attend one of these times.
  • Bent polishing will be held on Sunday, March 6th from 1pm to 5pm in Sukup Hall

Committee Meeting – Tuesday, February 16th 2016 @ 7pm

  • Initiate Update
    • Pizza party debriefing and interest in small groups
  • Ratification
    • Updates to Tau Beta Pi constitution passed at national convention
      • Governing council changes and other minor changes
  • Email/Assign Members to Committees
    • Create groups through Blackboard and assign members
  • Broke out to Committees
  • Updates from Committees
    • Upcoming lunchtime discussion + possibility of Kaleidoquiz team
    • Pi day planning and possible catapult design
  • Field Day Wednesday at Lied Gym 7-9pm
  • Speaker at general meeting next week (Mary Wickham)
    • There will be cookies

Committee Meeting – Tuesday, February 2nd 2016 @ 7pm

  • Discussed past small group projects
    • Pi mile run
    • Pi Day
    • Hiking (Social) event
    • Graduate outreach (Maybe?)
    • Guest Speaker Group
    • Tutoring/Mentoring?
    • Apparel Design
    • Funding (Likely to aid in increasing convention participation)
    • Lunchtime Discussions
  • Went over the possibility of a K-12 outreach initiative, as well as industry tours/visits in and around Ames (Maybe REG, Danfoss, ISU Departments)
  • Selected a few leaders for small groups
  • ~Reminder~ Tom Sonntag will be speaking to TBP on Thursday! Details are in the weekly E-bent

Committee Meeting – Tuesday, January 19th 2016 @ 7pm

  • We had our first committee meeting of the Spring 2016 semester!
  • We began by outlining rough plans for four (4) committees:
    • Finance/Funding
    • Projects
    • Membership/Involvement
    • Initiation Committee
  • Finally we split up to collaborate on and establish an outline for each committee

Committee Meeting – Tuesday, November 10th 2015 @ 8pm

  • New Officers were elected for the following open positions:
    • President – Anthony Locurto
    • Vice President – Veronica White
    • Project Officers (2) – Kirsten Lane and Connor Graves
    • Initiation Officer – Leslie Harder
    • Assistant Initiation Officers (2) – Katie Wilcox and Tyler Shelby
    • Corporate Liaison – Amy Seibert
    • Student Outreach Officer – Kelci Coates
    • Scholars’ Program Co-Chairs (2) – Chris Williams and Matt Lyons
    • Chapter Survey Officer – Ellen Nightingale
  • A menu was chosen for the initiation banquet!
    • More or less the same as the previous banquet, with minor changes to some beverage options and snacks

Committee Meeting – Tuesday, October 27th 2015 @ 8pm

  • TBP National Conference in Rhode Island
    • Our representatives will be leaving on 10/28 to participate!
  • The final Initiate Small Group Presentations will be next Tuesday at 8pm
    • Submit your final presentations to the dropbox as soon as possible!
  • New Officer Elections in 2 weeks!
  • The Building the Future event will be next Thursday 9am to 2pm
    • Volunteers are needed, sign up in the spreadsheet in the email from Catie!
    • Enter your name for any available times by Friday 10/30/15

Committee Meeting – Tuesday, October 13th 2015 @ 8pm

  • This Sunday, October 18th is the Highway Cleanup
    • Volunteer registration can be found on Blackboard (This will take roughly 2 hours)
    • This is a chance for initiates to perform their volunteer hours!
  • Broke up into 2 committee groups to discuss Alumni Networking and Bent Polishing
  • Better Bent Polishing 
    • Recap – Electropolishing, chemicals, other methods
    • Examined bents (Current, Polished, Old)
    • Tools we use currently
      • Files, Sandpaper, Belt Sanders
    • Electropolishing?
      • Engineering Design, Build a prototype, test, and evaluate
      • Catie is interested in working with Dr. Smith
      • ChE and EE honors capstone or senior design?
    • Yan has done metal polishing work!
    • Maybe polish by abrasion in a drum full of beads?
  • Alumni Networking
    • Examined an old newsletter to TBP alumni
    • Discussed our plans to utilize the Alumni Associations’ contact services

Committee Meeting – Tuesday, September 29th 2015 @ 8pm

  • ~Reminder~ There is a list of scheduled activities for the foreseeable future on the TBP IAA page, be sure to check this schedule out for information on upcoming events!
  • Current members of TBP are encouraged to attend one of the Engineering Futures Sessions on October 10th
    • There are 2 options: One from 9am-noon with a 30 minute lunch break, and the second from 12-2:30pm
  • Broke into small groups to work on Committee Start-up details, regarding Alumni communication and the Bent-Polishing process
  • Better Bent Polishing – Attendants: Zach McGraw, Avi Sooriyarachchi, Nichole Gottschalk, Cody Hancock, Katie Wilcox, Yijun Wu, Amy Seibert
    • Reverse Electroplating
    • 3D print a bent
    • Lasers
    • Soaked in Vinegar before polishing
    • Vinegar Soaked Sponge
    • Made out of wood/Aluminum/Paper
    • Sign Bents
  • Alumni Networking – Alex Tietz, Jim Frank, Ryan Linnemann, Catie Meis, Megan Reiman, Abigail Meyer, Ellen Nightingale, Levern
    • Possibly an event in Howe Hall prior to a sport event for TBP alumni?
    • Find the old Initiate group PowerPoint on this topic – it might have some helpful information inside of it
    • Lots of past TBP members in Ames, especially professors
    • Networking/Mentoring – Reactivate the Ames Chapter
    • Use the 2000-3000 alumni contacts that we have
    • Activity/Sport Viewing at the event?

Committee Meeting – Tuesday, September 15th 2015 @ 8pm

  • ESC Meeting –  The IAA President Amy Seibert and our ESC Rep. Rachel Pick both attended this week’s meeting
    • We need volunteers to help with the engineering club-fest
  • The first Free Coffee Friday was on Friday, September 11th
    • The next will be held on Friday, September 25th
    • Volunteers are needed – especially for the 9am slot!
  • The Letter Stuffing Party was on Sunday, September 13th
  • The Initiate Pizza Party will be on Tuesday, September 22nd @ 6pm in Durham 171
    • Please encourage invited initiates to attend!
  • We attempted to narrow down the number of Initiate Small Group Ideas and found members interested in leading a few of the small groups
    • We removed redundant and unrealistic ideas, as well as ideas that initiates wouldn’t have much of an opinion on
  • ~REMINDER~ The Pi Mile Run is this coming Saturday at 9:30am!
    • Help is still needed for the event! (Handing out Pie, Registration, Route Marking/Guiding)

Committee Meeting – Tuesday, September 8th 2015 @ 8pm

  • Voted on a new ECS representative – Rachel will now be attending the meetings for TBP IAA
  • Pi Mile Run is on September 19th starting at 9:30am
    • Volunteers are needed, otherwise run in the event if you can!
  • Free Coffee Friday will be beginning this Friday, September 11th
    • Sign up on the emailed doodle poll and show up by 7:50am to setup
    • Food-safe certification is neccessary
  • The TBP Letter Stuffing Party is on Sunday September 13th @ 1pm in the Howe Hall atrium
    • Help would be appreciated
  • Assistance at the Resume Workshop for the TBP scholars is needed as well
  • Guest speaker Dr. Rollins (CBE) on “Work & Life Balance”

Committee Meeting – Tuesday, September 1st 2015 @ 8pm

  • Meeting with the Dean on Thursday September 3rd
    • This will be a time for some Tau Beta Pi representatives to discuss Tau Beta Pi’s         current plans and direction with the dean
  • Pi Mile Run is approaching (September 19th @ 9:30am)
    • There is the possibility for funding from Student Affairs office for the event
    • Profits will go to the Iowa Special Olympics
    • Registration for the event is now available on our site
    • Members should advertise as much as possible
  • Free Coffee Friday should be beginning next Friday, September 11th
    • Food-safe certification is necessary, Catalina will email out information soon
  • A bulletin board has been acquired on campus
    • We would like to find some individuals that are interested in updating it and maintaining it
  • Apply for Tau Beta Pi Scholarships/Fellowships
  • Discussion of Initiate Small Groups/General Brainstorming of Ideas
    • Pi Day Friday in the Spring (Or whatever day it is)
    • Better Bent-Polishing Method
    • Possible Jackets/Polos with Apparel Design
    • Social Event
    • Brainstorming new events
    • “Loose Ends” Groups (finish up other initiate projects)
    •  Speakers for the Spring semester
    •  Alumni outreach
    •  Tutoring?
    •  Mentoring Program
    •  Engineering Egg Drop Challenge
    •  Outreach ideas, such as advertisement during free coffee Fridays (Stickers/Envelope Labels)
    • K-12 School activities
    • Group fitness classes
    • Lunchtime discussions


August 25, 2015 @ 8pm – First Cabinet Meeting of the 2015-2016 Academic Year

  • Introductions (Everyone Present)
  • Semester Thoughts/Plans
    • Advisory Board Meeting was on Sunday August 23rd, and participants talked about National Convention details
    • Membership Dues have increased to $90 to account for food, bents, etc..
    • A schedule has been created for the future IAA events, with dates where available
    • Initiation Officers would appreciate any feedback on the initiation process that might help improve the whole experience
    • Pi Mile Run – We are working with Engineer’s Week to create one large 5k Running Event (rather than two) that will begin near the outside of BRL and end outside of Howe
      • T-Shirts are in process, Flyers as well
      • Sponsorships are in process, with the goal of listing them on the T-Shirts
      • Participation, help with managing the event, or assistance in recruiting runners would be greatly appreciated
      • Information is available on the IAA website
    • Free Coffee Fridays – Will begin sometime this semester and be every other week. Help would be appreciated in making this happen, and food-safe certification is necessary. Current food-safe certifications expire on September 30th, 2015.
    • Adopt-a-highway – Will be on October 18
    • Bent-polishing – Help will be needed to set up the event and keep things running smoothly
    • Sponsors – We are considering seeking corporate donations to help hold the banquet and other activities
  • Cabinet Introductions – Introduction of the cabinet members and an explanation of the work that they will be doing for IAA
  • An election will be held in two weeks (possibly more, but no less than two) for an ESC representative cabinet position

Committee Meetings – Spring 2015

4/20/15–Committee Meeting

Graduate Appreciation Day

  • Jacob Weber
    • Major: Materials Engineering
    • Tau Beta Pi Involvement: Scholars Program Co-Chair
    • Future Plans: Texas Instruments
  • Jude Studer
    • Major: Civil Engineering
    • Tau Beta Pi Involvement: Community Outreach
    • Future Plans: Master’s in Structural Engineering, ISU
  • Paul Gerver
    • Major: Computer Engineering
    • Tau Beta Pi Involvement: Website Committee
    • Future Plans: IBM, Rochester, MN
    • Other fun fact: Studied abroad in China
  • Ian McInerney
    • Major: Electrical Engineering
    • Other activities: Eta Kappa Nu
    • Future Plans: MS in Electrical Engineering, focusing on distributive control systems
    • From: Champagne, IL
  • Sandra Greenwood
    • Major: Chemical Engineering
    • Tau Beta Pi Involvement: Small group leader, website leader, corresponding secretary, co-founder of Free Coffee Fridays
    • Future Plans: Looking for employment in industrial wastewater
  • Eli Jans
    • Major: Mechanical Engineering
    • Tau Beta Pi Involvement: Small group leader, Adopt-A-Highway
    • Future Plans: PhD in combustion research
    • Fun fact: Disc golf has changed his life
  • Jake Mallums
    • Major: Aerospace Engineering
    • Tau Beta Pi Involvement: Vice-president this year
    • Future Plans: Engineer at Cessna, Wichita, KS
    • Fun facts: Grew up on a farm, enjoys programming, lived on Honors floor Lorch-Russell
  • Nick Jerhal
    • Major: Aerospace Engineering
    • Tau Beta Pi Involvement: Small group leader, transportation specialist
    • Future Plans: Engineer at Motus Engineering (mechanical engineering consulting firm in Des Moines, IA)
    • Fun fact: Heavy student government involvement
  • Dan Donohue
    • Major: Aerospace Engineering
    • Tau Beta Pi Involvement: Identifying Speakers small group, Adopt-A-Highway
    • Future Plans: Engineer at Boeing
    • Other involvement: Fraternity, Honors societies, research

4/6/15 – Committee Meeting


  • Roller Coaster Competition, April 8
  • Initiation Ceremony, April 26
  • Scholarship Applications due May 1

Officer Elections for Fall 2015


  • President: Amy Seibert will remain as president
  • Vice-President:
    • Candidates: Zach Cooper and Anthony Locurto
    • Elected: Anthony
  • Corresponding Secretary
    • Candidates: Avi
    • Elected: Avi
  • Cataloger
    • Candidates: Laurel Barnet
    • Elected: Laurel Barnet
  • Project Officer
    • In position: Cody Hancock, Andrew Hughes
    • Candidates: Catherine Meis, Zach Cooper, Chris Isely (nominated by certain individuals unnamed here)
    • Elected: Catherine Meis, Zach Cooper
  • Communications Director
    • Candidates: Zach McGraw
    • Elected: Zach McGraw
  • Recording Secretary
    • Candidates: Jim Frank
    • Elected: Jim Frank
  • Initiation Officer
    • Candidates: Alex Tietz
    • Elected: Alex Tietz
  • Graduate Initiation Chair
    • Candidates: Pavan R.
    • Elected: Pavan R.
  • Initiation Assistant
    • Candidates: JJ Breifeld, John Harlow, Philip, Chris Isely (nominated but declined)
    • Elected: JJ Breifeld, John Harlow
  • Corporate Liaison
    • Candidates: Avi, Augustine Villa
    • Elected: Augustine Villa
  • Chapter Survey Officer
    • Candidates: Chris Isely (self-nominated)
    • Elected: Chris Isely
  • ESC Representative
    • Candidates: Zach Cooper
    • Elected: Zach Cooper
  • Scholars Co-Chair
    • Candidates: Chris Williams, Connor Graves
    • Elected: Chris Williams, Connor Graves
    • Third Co-Chair position removed
  • Advisor
    • Amy Kaleita re-elected


Food Decisions:

Identical to Spring 2014 menu

1/12/15 – Committee Meeting

The meeting discussed plans for the Spring semester.  Of particular importance was election of a new Treasurer to replace the person elected Fall semester, who accepted an Internship for Spring semester.  There were 2 candidates for the position; Megan Reiman, Senior in Computer Engineering, was elected Treasurer.  The Schedule of Activities was reviewed and main points raised during the Advisory Board meeting held on 11 January were discussed.

Committee Meetings – Fall 2014

12/1/14 – Committee Meeting

Initiation Sunday, Dec. 7 at 5:30

Semester Review Feedback

  • more cookies
  • low attendance at meetings
  • bring in speakers for meetings – priority
  • good ideas in the works for increasing knowledge of us on campus
  • small initiate groups possible new schedules
    • two meetings, present, and one after to finish everything
    • three meetings, present,  and one after: only require to go to 3

Dead Week Coffee

  • can we get approved? – Dead Week policy
  • 8-10 Monday through Friday
  • print signs for information on us
  • possibly do this weekly in January
  • food safe certified workers
  • need: coffee, hot chocolate, tea, creamer, and styrofoam cups
  • Get coffee from Hy-Vee.


11/10/14 – Committee Meeting

Epic Thursday November 13 at 6:30 Room 1420 in Micro-Biology Building

Engineering the Futures Tuesday, November 18

Next week’s meeting in Sukup

  • doors close at 8 pm get there early

Elections for officers

  • President – Amy Seibert
  • Vice President – Jacob Mallams
  • Treasurer – Dalton Grove
  • Recording Secretary – Caitlyn Hendon
  • Graduate Initiation Officer – Joseph Shrestha
  • Undergradute Initiation Officer – Nolan Dickson
  • Student Outreach Officer – Catalina Parada

Food for initiation ceremony voting


10/27/14 – Committee Meeting

Ideas to reach our initiation goals

Coffee during dead week/finals week

Small group presentations coming up! – next Monday 11./3

Tour times

Monday at 7

Building the Future on Tuesday Nov. 18, 9 am to 1 pm

Toying with technology – robots

Bridge building

Need officers to oversee

Wind turbine building

Ground water models


10/13/14 – Committee Meeting

Engineering Futures session on October 25

Epic – coming for a meeting

Building the Future – November 18

Sunday – Adopt a Highway


9/29/14 – Committee Meeting

Initiate Small Group Leaders

roller coaster competition

  • Sean Wasion

social event

  • Rachel Philiph

spring service/outreach event

  • Amy Seibert

Blank Slate

  • Rachel Morris and John Nagel

TBP Apparel

  • Renee

Website Update

  • Sandra

LeVerne, Jake, Renee are going to National Conference in Washington end of this week

$150 was raised for Special Olympic of Iowa from Pi Mile Run


9/22/14 – Committee Meeting

Initiate pizza party

  • Wednesday 9/24 Pearson 1115
  • bring computers
  • pizza
  • some drinks we already have

Initiate small groups

  • Roller Coaster Competition – need leader
  • Social Event Planning – Trivia night
  • New spring service/outreach project – Habitat for Humanity
  • Website update
  • Apparel
  • Blank Slate – Still need leader
  • Scholar/Freshman Workshop
  • TED talks
  • Challenge night – King of the Nerds nerd social
  • Rube Goldberg

Engineering the Futures

Building the Future

  • date: 18th of November

9/8/14 – Committee Meeting

Next week’s speaker is from ISU Kaplan Test Preperation.

  • Grad school test preperation tips

Signed a letter for Dr. Smith who is not feeling well.

Meeting guests suggestions are being collected.

TBP tour suggestions are being collected.

  • textiles plant
  • windmills
  • amcor – polymers

Catapult Competition replacement for the spring

  • initiate small group project
  • solar car – green energy
  • soap box derby
  • glider competition – drop off building
  • egg drop

Meeting with the dean

  • fall TBP banquet speaker
  • new space in Marston
  • Building plaque – there is space
  • eminent engineers – professors to possibly be initiated

Bringing in the TBP scholars bring in resumes before meeting next week 7:15 pm.

Pi Mile Run

  • Sept. 20
  • t-shirts in progress
  • flyer – done
  • calling donors
  • need to get runners
    • run club
    • running class
    • campus wide email costs $

initiate letters

  • list of initiates coming this week
  • next Sunday, 9/14, letter stuffing
  • possibly at 1 pm


Committee Meetings – Spring 2014

4/21/14 – Committee Meeting

1) Initiation Ceremony will be held on Sunday, April 27th. We have about 160-175 people signed up to attend, so we will need people to man the sign-in table. The more volunteers we have to help, the better.
2) HKN, IEEE, TBP, and Digital Women are having social event on Thursday from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. Jacob sent out a Doodle poll to sign up for this earlier, and if you have any questions, please let him know.
3) Meetings next year will be on Mondays at 8:00 PM.
4) We should be receiving the eligible student list around September 10th. The letter-stuffing party will be held on 1:00 PM on a Sunday after the list is received.
5) Pi Mile Run will be held on September 20th. Because we will not have initiates yet, this will be a member project.
6) The Engineering Futures session will be held October 18th in Black Engineering.
7) As a chapter we discussed ways to improve for next semester. Some ideas included more social events (which might make corporate presentations easier to obtain), sending out the minutes after the meeting, updating the new Iowa Alpha website, and using better Parliamentary Procedure during the voting process. If you come up with more ideas, feel free to email Jacob.
8) LeVern- At the moment, the number of people we have signed up to attend the banquet is much lower to the people we told Scheman. If you are able to come and haven’t signed up yet, please sign up and attend. If you are an initiate and have guests that have not signed up yet, please email LeVern to let him know how many guests will be attending (payment can be worked out later).

4/7/14 – Committee Meeting

1) District Convention in Minneapolis is this coming weekend. The chapter is still looking for people to go to the conference.  So far only Jake, Dr. Smith, and Dr. Faidley are signed up to attend.  Please E-mail Jake if interested.
2) The TBP Social will be held from 6:00 – 8:00 pm on Wednesday, April 16th in the Howe Hall Atrium.  Please fill out the Doodle poll that was E-mailed out and included in the eBent if you plan to attend
3) The Roller Coaster Competition will be held in the Howe Hall atrium on Thursday, April 17
4) The Chapter needs to remove its things from 402 Marston in preparation for the renovation.  This will provide an additional opportunity for initiates to preform service hours. More details to follow.
5) At the General Meeting next Monday Clayton Anderson will be a guest speaker.
6) The Chapter may hold a senior sendoff for this semesters graduating officers and present them with Tau Beta Pi Graduation stoles
7) Officer elections were held for the Cabinet positions becoming vacant.  The following new officers were elected:
·       Treasurer – Jacob Sporrer, Materials Science and Engineering
·       Corresponding Secretary – Sandra Greenwood, Chemical and Biological Engineering
·       Project Officer – Cody Hancock, Chemical and Biological Engineering
·       Communications Director – Jason Pals, Chemical and Biological Engineering
·       Cataloger – Zach Benedict, Aerospace Engineering
·       Recording Secretary – Amy Seibert, Electrical and Computer Engineering
·       Corporate Liasion – Bradley Pettijohn, Materials Science and Engineering
8) Selection of the menu for the Tau Beta Pi Reception and Banquet being held together with the Initiation Ceremony on April 27:
Cardinal & gold fruit punch
Deluxe Gourmet Punch – Frozen Cyclone Whammy
Tortilla Chips & Salsa
Plain M&Ms
Mixed Nuts
Cheese with crackers
Banquet: Peoples Choice Dinner Buffet
Crispy Chicken Parmasan
ISU Lasagna – with Graziano’s Sausage
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad
Tossed Garden Salad
Green Bean Casserole
Herb Roasted Baby Red Potatoes
Penne Pasta with Marinara sauce

2/17/14 – Committee Meeting

1) Small group leaders
i) Fall Projects: Matt, Joe
(a) Work on Pi Mile Run
ii) Social: Wesley, Chris
(a) Plan social activities for the chapter
iii) Plaques/Building Recognition: Grant
(a) Look into getting plaques for buildings named after Tau Beta Pi members
iv) Greater Interest in Government: Renee, Lisa
(a) Project that benefits the community in some way
(b) Write bid, and headquarters may provide money for the project
v) Blank Slate: German, Kate
(a) Brainstorm possible actions for the chapter to increase attendance/participation at the meetings and other activities (1 possibility for the small group)
vi) Boy Scout Merit Badge: Adam
(a) Develop course materials and hands-on activities to enable Boy Scouts to earn their Engineering Merit Badge (1-day event)
2) Risk Management meeting- good to go, just need to submit names for background checks (might do this for initiates)
i) Rollercoaster Competition- sponsored by College of Engineering
ii) Catapult Competition is part of VEISHEA Village, already submitted form to get this approved
3) Anyone interested in creating any general meeting activities?
i) Wesley might do one on the Monday before Pi Day
4) Introductions
5) Initiation Committee (Adam)- we had the pizza party and have a lot of initiates enrolled
6) Projects Committee (Matt)- Just need signature for VEISHEA form, otherwise ready to turn in

2/3/14 Committee Meeting

1) General Meeting in 1252 Howe at 7:00 PM on February 10th
2) Initiate Pizza Party (Pearson 1115) at 6:00 PM
3) Goals and ideas for the semester:
i) Increased initiation over last year
ii) Improved attendance at general meetings and retaining members
iii) Will have guest speakers at some of the meetings
iv) Social within the chapter
v) Tour of C6 or tornado simulator?
vi) Better visibility on campus- maybe look into doing something for Pi Day, t-shirts for chapter
vii) Recognizing buildings on campus named after Tau Beta Pi members
(a) Richard suggested bronze plaques
(b) Dennis-small group project?
viii) Brainstorm more and different projects
(a) Possibility of tutoring middle- or high-school students
(b) “Learn Something New Day”
(c) Richard- Greater Interest in Government- has value to school or community
1. In past, gave presentations on alternative energy, recycling, and more
2. Benefits some sort of organization
3. LeVern- Building the Futures was part of the Greater Interest in Government
ix) Catapult Competition in Northwest Iowa on April 26th (near Storm Lake)
(a) If interested, some members could serve as judges
(b) Some of the teams might bring catapult to our competition
x) If you have any more ideas, email Jacob
4) Talking to companies at the Career Fair- mention Tau Beta Pi (ask them to email you if they are interested in speaking at a meeting and forward the email to Grant)
5) LeVern- maybe reactivate a social committee if we want to do something for Pi Day
i) Wesley heading this up
6) In past, had a finance committee or organization committee- not needed at the moment
7) District 11 Spring Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota on April 12th
i) Email Jacob by Wednesday (it is VEISHEA Saturday)
ii) Socials and business meetings, good transition for new officers
iii) Each chapter updates others on what they are doing
iv) This time there will be an industry panel
v) Jacob will reserve four spots total, let him know if interested
8) Committee break-outs


Committee Meetings – Fall 2013

10/22/13 – Committee Meeting

1) Engineering Futures session will be on November 2nd in rooms 250, 252, 260 in Scheman unless informed otherwise
2) Small group presentations are next week- please dress up and wear your bent
3) Officer elections are two weeks from tonight (November 12th)
i) If you are interested in running for a position, please let Kate know
ii) Open positions: President, initiation officer, project officer(s), Scholars’ program chairs (2), Chapter improvement chair
4) In upcoming meetings, we will need to figure out the date for the Roller Coaster competition
i) Will also need to come up with a Rube-Goldberg Challenge
5) Also will need to set up an Adopt-a-Highway and Engineering Futures date
6) Convention discussion

10/15/13 – Committee Meeting

1) Adopt-A-Highway on Sunday, October 20th at 1:00PM
2) General Meeting next week
3) Initiation FAC on October 25th at Pizza Pit (on Welch Ave) at 5:00PM
4) The next Bent Polishing Party on October 27th
i) Starts at 1:00PM in 402 Marston
ii) 4 of the 9 initiates in the model initiation have polished their bents
(a) Planning to wear these during the ceremony, so please make sure this happens
5) Convention starts on October 31st
i) Engineering Futures activities will be held during the convention
(a) Work on soft skills, very engaging
(b) Strongly encouraged to go, but we will double-check to make sure this is something you can attend
6) Initiate presentations are on November 5th in 171 Durham at 7:00PM
i) This could be a tight turnaround if you are planning to include pictures from Convention
ii) Feedback from convention will be included (will also want to give tips to ESC for other organizations hosting convention)
7) Officer elections are on November 12th
i) If you are an officer who will not be here next semester, please email Kate with your name and the position you will be vacating
8) Adopt-A-Highway- meet in the lobby of Howe Hall at 1:00PM
i) Normally takes about 2 hours- goes faster with more people
9) General Meeting activity- bring a straight-edge ruler (US), 8.5″x11″ paper, and a writing utensil
10) Complete your draft reports in Dropbox-easier to remember what you did close to the event
11) Find us on Facebook: Tau Beta Pi–Iowa alpha
12) Raised $150 for Special Olympics through the Pi Mile Run
i) Had 25 runners


10/1/13 – Committee Meeting

1) Pi Mile Run on October 5th (this Saturday!)
i) Jonathan Wickert will be there!
ii) Brookside Park at 10:00AM
iii) Still looking for 3 volunteers
2) Bent Polishing Party on October 13th (1:00PM in Marston 402)
i) The other date is October 27th (same time and place)
ii) May have time slots for sign-ups
3) Initiate FAC is October 25th at 5:00PM at Pizza Pit on Welch Ave
4) If you would like to submit your resume to the recruiters who will be there at Convention, please send this to Kate before Thursday, October 10th
i) Save as FirstName_LastName.doc
5) Pi Mile Run
i) Prize and refreshment donations-Coldstone and Perkins have donated (have these), Village Inn has promised donations
ii) Advertising and posters (posters to be put together after the meeting tonight)
iii) T-shirts-Dennis- these were approved, will have them by Friday
iv) Still need volunteers-please fill out the Doodle party
v) If you like to run, sign up!
6) Initiation- sign up for small groups on Blackboard this week
7) Activity for next general meeting: Blind camping (weather permitting)
i) Bring blindfolds if you have them
8) Complete draft reports in Dropbox
9) Convention planning
i) Model initiates- LeVern selecting the people who are the furthest advanced in the process (who have attended pizza party, stayed for the meeting, volunteered for the Tau Beta Pi)
ii) Meeting with Ames Convention and Visitor Bureau to talk solely about transportation
(a) Have the travel plans of over 200 people
(b) 4 options- professionals who rent their own cars, CIT buses for about 45 people, executive express (from airport to Ames) that carry up to 15, “crown limo” for individuals who come at weird times
(c) Volunteers at the airport for a couple hours
(d) For transportation from the hotels to Scheman and vice versa (will have people helping direct people as well)
(e) Started planning on information to hand out at the help desk at the hotels
iii) Small groups- will set these up after the meetings
iv) Banner has been ordered, working on informing Alpha copies that we will be ordering approximately 450 (maybe up to 500)
v) Volunteer sign-up through a Doodle poll (please sign up for the times you are available)
vi) Padfolios- Ames Convention Bureau booklets, pens, a little note about the Marston water tower, Lockheed Martin pamphlet (in the mail)
(a) Padfolios will be ordered within the next 24 hours (hopefully)
vii) Polos- will be picked up (credit limit on p-card)
viii) Tours- listed in the program now as beginning at 9:00AM on Thursday
(a) Made sure the HQ was aware, could maybe do a campus-wide tour, talk to Mark Wright (?)
1. Will get a quick description of the tour, when they are offered, and how many people can do each tour


9/25/13- Committee Meeting

1) Introductions
2) Initiation FAC (free pizza at Pizza Pit)- October 25th from 5:00-7:00PM
3) Pi Mile Run Update:
i) Done:
(a) Matt-received donations from Coldstone, Perkins, and Village Inn
(b) LeVern-picked up the medals for the winners
(c) Dennis-t-shirt design ready
ii) Action items:
(a) Kate-purchase water and pies
(b) Lisa- go to Cupcake Emporium
(c) Dennis- order t-shirts
(d) All-advertising
(e) LeVern, Matt, and Seth- creating Doodle Poll for initiates to sign up
4) Convention Update:
i) Done:
(a) Renee and Grant- created spreadsheet for volunteer sign-up
(b) Renee- polos ordered
ii) Action items:
(a) Renee- order more polos if needed
(b) Grant and German- meeting with Ames Convention and Visitor Bureau and CIT on Friday (2:00PM-4:00PM)
(c) Grant- send out sign-ups for volunteers
(d) Andrew- double-check on tours
1. May check on TEAM giving tours
(e) Grant, German, and LeVern-finalize welcome letter, university history (Oct. 15th)
(f) German and LeVern- order padfolios
(g) German, Grant, and Wesley-determine materials inside padfolios
(h) Kate and LeVern- order banner
(i) Kate- follow up on convention pictures with Alpha
(j) German and Grant- run master plan by Roger
(k) Grant- follow up with speakers
(l) Seth and LeVern- figure out initiate selection for the model initiation
(m) Renee, German, and Grant- Help Desk Training and manuals/guides
(n) German, Grant, and LeVern- follow up with Roger about shadowing for next convention
(o) Seth, Grant, and German- set up small groups for convention
(p) German- add polo shirt size to volunteer sign-up
(q) LeVern- set up initiate email list and send to Seth and German
(r) German- follow up with Dr. Mirka and Joel Johnson


9/10/13 – Committee Meeting

1) Letter stuffing party on Sunday at 1:00PM in 402 Marston
2) General meeting next Tuesday in Durham 171 at 7:00PM
i) Next week is the blind camping activity
(a) Bring blindfolds if you have them
ii) Resume workshop is next week after this meeting
iii) If you can “donate” your resume or stick around to help, that would be appreciated!
2) If you would like your resume to be distributed to all the corporations at the convention, send it to Kate by October 10th
(a) Save as FirstName_LastName.doc
3) Career Fair on Tuesday, September 24th

Projects: Pile Mile Run
1) Event Authorization- still need to complete food vendor form, upload shelter reservation to website, and include note about needing parental permission
2) Letter of authenticity is needed to get donations from Village Inn
3) Donations- have donations from Coldstone and waiting to hear back from HyVee, Perkins, Village Inn
i) Asked Fareway about water and fruit
ii) Let Matt know if you have suggestions for food donors
4) Can really start advertising after we get the approval
5) Volunteers-may need some volunteers from current members (for this and Adopt-a-Highway)

1) Small group leaders needed
2) Initiate pizza party- Wednesday, September 25th
i) Might be more strict about having pizza in classrooms
ii) Will try to have this in the Durham Atrium

CoE Funding-Dennis
1) If we want funding from the CoE, we need to put together a budget and present this NEXT week
2) If we want to do that, we’ll need to start doing this now
i) Not too concerned about it for this semester

ESC Leadership Retreat
1) Start a Marston Hall Renovation-August 2014 (18th-month project)
i) Maybe making move-out a small-group project for next semester
2) ESC Representative- meetings in October and November
i) Good for September, but will need a representative for these meetings

Other business
1) Please complete all reports (draft reports are in the Dropbox)
2) Opportunities on campus:
i) Union Pacific Days
(a) Thursday, Sept. 12th from 11AM-1PM
(b) At the Marston water tower
ii) Teach for America
(a) Deadline: Friday, Sept. 13th

Convention Planning-Grant & German
1) Meeting with Julie about transportation-they have a preliminary contract with CIT (they will be driving coach buses for us from the airport to the hotel and the hotel to Scheman)
i) Meeting all together in a few weeks to determine the set schedule
ii) Have people to welcome attendees at the airport
iii) Talked about registration at this meeting as well
2) May have people drive suburbans and minivans for transporting small groups of people
3) Saturday lunch in Benton auditorium- representative of the state
i) Scheman has a “chuck-wagon buffet” with three meats- includes buttermilk brownies, potato salad, pork & beans, coleslaw, etc.
4) Currently working on determining how many volunteers we will have/will need
5) Also working on getting the padfolios for the souvenirs
6) Tours- received positive replies from two professors and three departments (who will find someone)
7) Polos are ordered (goal date of September 27th)
i) Will pay for those when we pick them up