The Advisory Board held its Spring 2015 meeting on Sunday, 11 January 2015.

Notes from the Spring 2015 meeting are below.

The meeting was attended by Amy Seibert, Chapter President; Jacob Mallams, Chapter Vice President; Sandra Greenwood, Corresponding Secretary; and 4 Chapter Advisors: Dr. Richard Smith, Dr. Amy Kaleita-Forbes, Dr. Richard Stone and Dr. LeVern Faidley.

Initiative to increase Tau Beta Pi membership

The Chapter had been contacted during Fall Semester by District 11 Director, Christina Harrison, concerning a District Initiation Challenge to increase initiation rates by 50%.  While some preliminary discussions on increasing initiation rates were held in the fall, it was considered desirable to make a more concerted effort during Spring semester.  It was noted the chapter already sent a letter from the Dean to both eligible students and their parents and the Tau Beta Pi – Iowa Alpha Scholars program contacted the top 12.5% of first year engineering students.  One proposal was to send a letter to the top 12.5% of Sophomore engineering students congratulating them on their academic accomplishments and indicating they could expect to receive a letter of invitation from Tau Beta Pi if they continued to excel academically.  It was also considered desirable to provide information on the benefits of Tau Beta Pi membership to these students and to the qualified undergraduate and graduate students invited to join.  The possibility of using social media and making more personal contact with eligible students was also discussed.  Amy Kaleita indicated she could identify the top 12.5% of sophomore students when she identified the eligible undergraduate and graduate students and it was agreed that the Initiation Challenge would be discussed at the Cabinet meeting on 12 January.


Need to elect a new Treasurer

It was noted that Dalton Groath, the Iowa Alpha member elected Treasurer last Fall informed the Chapter that he had been selected for an internship for the 2015 Spring semester and would, therefore, not be able to fulfill the office of Treasurer for the Chapter.  Given that only the Treasurer can approve payments, it was agreed that election of a new treasurer would be held at the Cabinet meeting on 12 January.


New “Engineering Expo” outreach activity

During the Fall semester the Initiate Small Group – New Spring Service/Outreach Activity had come up with idea to hold an Engineering Expo for visiting high school students during Spring semester and involve other student groups within the College of Engineering.  It was suggested that as a starting point for this new outreach activity a College of Engineering White paper be prepared and submitted to Joel Johnson, Engineering Student Services, the main liaison with student organizations within the College to get his views concerning this new initiative.


Planning for Roller Coaster Competition

It was noted that the 2015 Tau Beta Pi Roller Coaster Competition would be held on 9 April 2015 in 1218 Sukup Hall and a Youth Program Registration Form had been completed and submitted to the Office of Risk Management.  However, an Event Authorization Form needed to be completed for consideration by the Events Authorization Committee and Amy Seibert agreed to complete and submit the form.  It was also noted that the Rube Goldberg challenge this year was to “Burst a Balloon” and a T-shirt design with this theme needed to be prepared.


Updating of Iowa Alpha website and Student Organization website for Iowa Alpha

During the Fall semester the Initiate Small Group – Iowa Alpha Website development had undertaken work to update the Iowa Alpha website and it would be desirable if a group of members could continue these efforts during spring semester.  Sandra agreed to look in to establishing a group of interested members to continue this work.  It was also noted that the Student Organization website for Iowa Alpha need to be updated.


Request for Engineering Futures session

Each semester the Chapter holds Engineering Futures sessions for new initiates.  Preferred dates for Spring semester were Saturday 7 or 28 March.  Jake agreed to contact Tau Beta Pi Headquarters to schedule a facilitator.  The preferred Engineering Futures module was Team Building.