Pi Mile Run



The Pi Mile Run is a 5K (3.14 miles = Pi) road race held on the campus of Iowa State University.  It is organized by the Iowa State University Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the Engineering Honor Society, and the Iowa State University Engineers’ Week.

In keeping with the Tau Beta Pi and Engineers’ Week ideals of bettering the community, the campus, and the lives of engineers everywhere, the goal is to provide a fun, safe, and healthy event for the students of Iowa State, the residents of Ames, and other runners. Profits from this event are donated to a local charity.

WHEN? Sunday afternoon, 22nd October 2023. Check-in for participants will begin at 1:00 pm and conclude at 2:00 pm The race will start at 2:00 pm. Awards will be presented about 3:14 pm.

WHERE? Campus of Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. Check-in outside of College of Design building.

COURSE DETAILS: The race will start and end near the College of Design Building on the west side of campus.  The route of the run will utilize sidewalks and walking paths throughout campus passing by many of the university’s historic landmarks and buildings.  A water station will be set up at the halfway point.

PRIZES: After the race, medals will be awarded to the top three male finishers and the top three female finishers. Pieces of pie and other refreshments will be served following the race. In addition, participants will receive a T-shirt and other promotional items.

REGISTRATION COST:  The cost to register:
$20.00 for ISU students and
$25.00 for faculty, staff, alumni and members of the community age 18 and older.

For questions or concerns, please E-mail tbp-projects@iastate.edu or Engineers’ Week

  • 2023 ONLINE REGISTRATION (available early October 2023}
    • Registration for runners (Link)  QR Code: 
    • 2023 Map of course (pdf)
    • 2023 Flyer (pdf)
    • 2023 Race Results (Available after the race)

Following is a link to the Engineer’s Week Website (link)

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