Alumnus Advisor

The duties of the alumnus advisors are those prescribed in the National Constitution and Bylaws of the Association (B-V, 5.03), along with those prescribed in the Bylaws of the Iowa Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi (IAB-III)

B-V, 5.03. (h) –  The primary duty of the alumnus advisors is to provide for continuity of Chapter operations. The alumnus advisors shall see that the Chapter:

  1. Selects candidates who meet the eligibility requirements of Constitution Article VIII, the bylaws of the Chapter, and the academic regulations of the host institution.
  2. Balances its financial accounts and pays all bills by the end of the academic year.
  3. Effects an orderly transition of Chapter officers in accordance with Bylaw V, Sec. 5.01.

IAB-III (Sec. 14) – The additional duties of the Alumnus Advisors shall be as follows:

  • Providing continuity in all areas of Chapter activity, including participation on committees.
  • Ensuring that the chapter is operating in conformity with the standards set forth by Iowa State University and Student Activities Center