The President, as the chapter’s responsible agent and leader, shall see that the other chapter officers perform their duties in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws and the chapter’s bylaws.

The additional duties of the President shall be:

  • Updating the list of active chapter committees and assigning cabinet members to committees as appropriate. (See Bylaw VI).
  • Providing each officer and committee chair with a written list of all specific duties for which each is responsible.
  • Arranging a meeting of the Advisory Board with the Dean of Engineering in the Fall semester to discuss ways in which the Chapter may be of service to the College of Engineering. The substance of such discussions shall be reported to the Chapter at the next scheduled meeting.
  • Scheduling regular general and committee meetings and presenting a formal agenda.
  • Registering the Chapter as an official student organization with the University at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Following local ordinances and regulations, agreeing to annually complete President’s Training